We Change The Game

We change how you trade, one lot at a time.

Our purpose is to build a new world with countless possibilities of trading & profit making in an All-in-One trading ecosystem platform.

Play your part in The Forex-Futures Revolution with GIC!

We Change The Game for Your Benefit

Market Maker

Earn Passive Income

Provide Liquidity

Greater Freedom

We believe everyone should have the same freedom to trade by becoming a market maker of their own right.


Transparent Cashback

Low Spread
Start From 0


Free Swap

Zero Commission

We value transparency, security, and the freedom to have a beneficial trading for every trader on our platform.

What was it like before GIC?

People still trade in this way everywhere.
But this game is getting old.
We simply take the game to the next level.

The Game Changer

Our P2P Blockchain-based platform is our solution for everyone to trade in a fair & transparent trading platform.

P2P Forex & Futures Trading

Gain access to trading & profit-making on an All-in-One trading ecosystem platform.

  • GIC Academy

    Enhance your trading game today. Be the game changer!

  • GIC Affiliate

    Seize the opportunity to become a leader of your own making through GIC Affiliate Programs

  • GIC Signal

    Send out, follow, and evaluate signals to capitalize on the perfect timing to buy or sell.

  • GIC Social Trade

    Enter the ecosystem within the GIC network and take on the role of a Master Trader or an Apprentice Trader.

See What Others Say About Us

They say that most people tend to believe in the experience of others. Maybe you do too? Here are some comments about us from traders to market makers. Some are experts, while others are newbies.

Everyone's got something to say

  • Ferdie Stiel

    Founder MTFC

    We can turn GIC into a Modern money making machine that reaches all levels of social stratas, in the sense that GIC enables its users to enjoy trading for it belongs to everyones - not only for those with money.
  • Bagus Megantoro

    Mentor Semarang Trader Academy

    GICTrade Mobile app is easy to use, I highly recommend this for traders, especialy due to its low transaction costs.
  • Muhammad Irfan

    Newbie Trader

    GICTrade app is so up-to-date, because only through this app i can easily use my equity for trading.

    Let's Change The Game!

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